Client Reviews

''Amber has taken me through an incredible journey during our one on one business strategy and marketing coaching. Her energy and innovative approach is constantly flowing. Amber is a true expert in every aspect of brand identity and social marketing.''

Samantha Koegelenberg | Nailed Digital

''Amber is a marketer who keeps up to speed with the latest trends and strategies. If you are looking for a provider you can trust to deliver results, don't pass up the opportunity to work with Amber Toerien.''

Nathanial Bibby | Bibby Consulting

''Amber has been incredibly helpful and accommodating in creating a logo and Facebook page for my start up. She is completely invested in the success of every business she works with and goes above and beyond what is required.''

Lisa Wedderburn-Clarke

''Top rate service and we learnt a lot about social media marketing.''

Karen Lawrence | African Shark Eco-Charters

''I was lucky enough to spend 2 hours one on one with Amber on social media training. Thank you for your insight and knowledge - you have helped me re-focus so that I can concentrate on where my energy should go.''

Jeanette Forgiarini | About Organising

''Brand Alchemy Social (Amber) was able to fix a Facebook integration issue that no one else was able to spot and resolve for months, keeping us from running ads online. She went in like a surgeon with her scalpel until she found the problems and fixed them. Her technical knowledge is tops!''

Ika van Wyk | James Jewellery

''What fantastic service. I had this huge problem. Nothing was working efficiently - not Facebook or Instagram. I tried everything - sending emails, YouTube tutorials, Google, nothing helped until..... Brand Alchemy Social. A blessing disguised! Calm, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you so much!''

Fazana Jhavary | Moda Modestè

''Amber is such a lovely person to work with and our relationship has grown so much from 2018 when we first met. I attended some of her women's entrepreneur breakfasts and it was just amazing. Her Zoom online training and meet-ups are also so eye-opening and just phenomenal. She did one-on-one social media marketing training with me and I learned so much. I definitely feel that it improved my marketing skills and way of looking at it in general. Thank you Amber for always going the extra mile. She has such passion and zeal for what she does. Highly recommend!''

Mareli Ahlschläger | Rose Garnet Photography

''My logo design is impeccable! In one go I received exactly what I wanted and was pleasantly surprised that all my expectations were met. I'm usually a picky person who'd ask for ten thousand edits and alterations and Amber stunned me by ticking all my boxes, the first time around. Thank you very much for a job well done.''

Melishia Pillay

''Amber is an expert in her field and always has a fresh perspective when it comes to helping me with my business. From digital marketing to client liaison, Amber is always ready and able to assist. She is an incredible mentor and offers valuable, actionable advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to grow their business online.'

Sandy Norman

''Amber is not only easy to relate with but is knowledgeable, goes the extra mile, is affordable and puts you at ease. Anyone who has worked with her would know what a pleasure it is, and how their business has been elevated.''

Arthur Brigg

''Brand Alchemy continuously helps me to market my business better through social media. Their understanding of social media plus their capability to communicate it is exactly what any business needs - a go-to marketing solution and help centre.''

Chrystal | Imaani Bridal

''These guys are amazing they helped my young rustic furniture company to grow its online presence through their amazing service today my company is the talk in the pallet furniture industry. I can not recommend them highly enough for no words can explain how grateful I'm for their service''

T Jehu Mukudu

''I worked with Amber on designing my book cover and I was so pleased with the artwork she designed for my book. I was very impressed with her ability to execute tasks so quickly! If you are looking for a project done right, with close attention on detail, as well as timeliness, look no further than Brand Alchemy! Thank you Amber!''

Jenny Tauscheck

''I highly recommend Brand Alchemy for their social media expertise!''

Kathy Gillham

''Amber is absolutely amazing. I started my journey with her by winning one of her comps where she managed my pages for a month and helped with content etc. She has taught me so much and if I need anything she is there to assist! Thank you Amber for being such an awesome help to me no matter what it involves.'

Emma Dommett Vermeulen

''I was introduced to Amber by a dear friend, she designed a logo for my start-up business. Awesome experience with Amber, she is absolutely professional and very supportive. I recommend her all day every day''

Thuto Maila

''Amber is always available to assist and is very efficient about answering queries, no matter how small.''

Dot Marais Hardick

''My experience with Amber has been amazing. She has helped me from the start and has supported me in more ways than one. She has gone above and beyond what I expected and I will be eternally grateful for her guidance, design work, marketing & creative ideas. Thank you, Amber, you rock!''

Anja Maritz

''Amber is so knowledgeable on social media marketing and has your business interests at heart over and above just her sessions.''

Lisa Neumann Schipper

''What I really love about Amber is her passion for what she does. She is so hardworking and willing to go the extra mile. Amber often gives advice and steers my business in the right direction. Reach out to Amber and see what I mean for yourself.''

Tamsyn Nell | Sense Education

''I booked a call with Amber and the conversation was so rewarding. Amber did not hold back in sharing tips and advice for my brand. I feel inspired after our chat and started working on implementing her tips immediately after our call. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Brand Alchemy Social.''

Rushdiyah Narker

''Amber has been a pleasure to work with, she shares best practices freely and assists with issues with relative ease so that you can be assured your tasks get done effectively.''

Fatima Wise

''Amber is amazing. She goes out of her way to help her clients. She has helped me grow my Facebook page and how to interact with my clients. I found my niche by following her advice. I highly recommend her services''

Annalisa Berry

''I am so impressed with Amber's wisdom, knowledge and professionalism. So looking forward to a fruitful and prosperous relationship together. Amber is a strategic thinker, has an innovative and creative mind, and is a social media guru!''

Christine le Roux | Sports Nutrition & Intuitive Eating Mentor

''Brand Alchemy Social and Amber are truly one of the best out there. Friendly, fast and client focused service!''

Jan-Dirk Brak | Health & Ag Property Entrepreneur

''Amber is intuitive and pleasant to work with. definitely recommend her services.''

Annemarie Potgieter | Rentier Letting Property Management

''Amber communicates really well. She works incredibly hard. There’s no question about the effort she is putting in. We are seeing a real increase in engagement and activity as she predicted. We’ve really enjoyed working with Amber''

Matthew Garvey | Four Corners

''If you need social media explained to you in layman's terms, Amber is the person to speak to. I truly enjoyed her training sessions. She shows how everything works and takes you through as much detail as you need. You walk out with so much clarity of how you can use a social media channel to your business's advantage.''

Thalana Bradley | Naturally Write