Yusra Petersen

''After receiving Social Media Training from Amber at Brand Alchemy Social, I soon realised that I would not be able to implement all of the measures into my business. The training was very insightful and I learned a lot but there were still a lot of gaps in my social media skills. I didn’t have additional time available to expand my knowledge further with Amber and I had no staff I could train in my place. I then decided to bring Amber on as a Social Media Manager and soon realised that she was able to offer my business a host of social media and business planning services. She started off with an amazing campaign to attract new clientele to my Facebook page as well as exposed my business to my desired target markets. Within a few short weeks, I gained thousands of new followers and interest. She has taught me to think differently about my business goals and always helps me to plan effectively to reach my short and long term goals. I would highly recommend Amber to any business as she makes everything so much easier. Since having her on board for 5 months, I have finally managed to take the leap of faith and leave my full-time engineering job to run my own business full time. This would not have been possible without Amber’s help and guidance''. - Yusra Petersen | Tutor Assist SA