Types of Social Media

One of the fascinating things about social advertising is that there is virtually no limit to your ability to scale.

1. Social networking sites

Examples: Facebook, LinkedIn

2. Bookmarking Sites

Examples: Pinterest, Flipboard

3. Media Sharing

Examples: Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo

4. Social review sites

Examples: Yelp, TripAdvisor

5. Image sharing sites

Examples: Instagram, Imgur, Snapchat

6. Video hosting sites

Examples: YouTube, Vimeo

7. Community blogs

Examples: Medium, Tumblr

8. Discussion sites

Examples: Reddit, Quora

9. Sharing economy networks

Examples: Gumtree and OLX

Whether you’re building a community or evaluating new platforms for your business to join, there are many types of social media you can use. Some are pretty much mandatory for any business, while others only make sense if they align with your specific niches or use cases.

Whatever your needs and goals, it’s a safe bet you’ll find a way to use social media to benefit your business.