Best Canva Keywords for Mystical Graphics & Astronomy Elements

All you have to do is type any keyword that’s included in this post into the ‘Elements’ search bar and you’ll instantly be presented with stunning graphics and illustrations (yes, it’s really that simple— promise!).

In the "Elements" tab in Canva, search for:

  • Astrology

  • Celestial

  • Moon phases

  • Mystic

  • Occult

  • Tarot

  • Zodiac symbols

Bonus Tip: Canva Brand Codes for Mystic Illustrations

Bonus Tip! Type these Canva brand codes into the ‘Elements’ search bar for even more mystical & astronomy style graphics:

  • brand:BAD2BbIfm6k

  • brand:BABz1Hx8WOI

  • brand:BADeGZOX6Sc

  • brand:BADeGZOX6Sc mystic

  • brand:BADeGZOX6Sc magic

  • brand:BAD63x8KTpk

  • brand:BAD63x8KTpk celestial