20 Blog Post Ideas For Travel & Tourism Companies

In today's digital age, having a blog on your website is a common practice that can help you drive more traffic to your website and increase your brand's awareness.

Small business owners often tell me that one of their biggest challenges is not knowing what to write on their blogs.

I have created a list of 20 blog post ideas for your travel or tourism blog, which you can refer to whenever you are stuck for ideas.

If you do all of these ideas with passion and conviction, your blog, website and customers will all benefit from their presence. Some are easy to create and post, and some may take days or even weeks, but they are all worth your time, effort and money if done well.

20 Blog Post Ideas For Travel & Tourism Companies

Top 10 Activities in COUNTRY: A blog about the top ten activities to do when visiting COUNTRY.

How To Find Cheap Flights: Tips and tricks on how to find the cheapest flights.

Best Time to Visit COUNTRY: A blog about the best time to visit COUNTRY

5 Amazing All Inclusive Vacation Packages: A blog post highlighting five amazing all-inclusive vacation packages to COUNTRY.

15 Best Places to Visit in COUNTRY: A blog about the best places to travel in COUNTRY.

Top 10 Countries to See Before You Die: Inspiring travel tips for first-time travellers

Have You Heard About These Great New Travel Trends? Here are some of our Favourites: a blog around some trending travel topics.

5 Stress Relieving Travel Apps For Your Next Trip: A blog around travel apps and stress relief.

7 Unique Ways To Spend Your Next Family Vacation: a blog about fun and affordable travel ideas for families.

Top 5 Cities For Newlyweds to Visit: A blog with the top 5 most romantic cities you and your partner can visit.

How To Make The Most Of Your Next Vacation: a blog about what steps you should take to prepare and make the most of your next vacation.

3 Things To Consider When Packing For Your Next Vacation: A blog about the essentials to pack for a trip.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with a Baby: A travel blog listing the best accessories and tips for travelling with a baby.

5 Affordable Beach Resorts For A Family Vacation: a blog with affordable relaxing places to take your family on vacation.

Beaches, Mountains and Valleys: A blog about the most amazing travel spots with info on how to get there.

Save on Airline Fares, Hotel Deals and Rental Cars: A blog about how to save on airline fares, hotel deals, and rental cars.

Top 10 Destinations You Should Take Your Partner To On A Vacation: a blog that talks about honeymoon spots along with other suggestions

The Most Beautiful Places in the World: A blog about the most beautiful places in the world.

Going on Vacation? Here Are the Best Places to Visit: A blog about different vacation ideas.

Best Times To Visit Europe: A blog about the best times to visit various European countries.

Taking action is the most important thing now! If you don't put your ideas into practice, they will stay ideas. Create an editorial calendar you will adhere to and start publishing!

Please bookmark this page for future reference when you need some extra inspiration to get your blog off the ground.